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Sri Lanka Tour Package

We are arranging your trip to Sri Lanka which you would not only enjoy but also you’d find it to be unforgettable. You would find your trip to the exotic place quite fun loaded and this is going to make you feel good. A unanimous yes to this place is often the reaction of people who want to be here someday.

Visiting this place Sigiriya is a cool opportunity in itself as it is a wonderful touring place. History has it that it was built in the 5th century and is an astonishing work of engineering as well as construction. Sigiriya is built out of terracotta and gray core of rocky set located in the heart of Sri Lanka; it rises nearly 200 meters higher above the plain. You would love the water gardens, there, rampants as well as a series of moats, all the remaining parts of an older city. There are sheer proofs that there was a royal palace there. It’s much pleasant sight to see.

We take you to the temple version of the country that Sri Lanka is. There are several temples which belong to the old times whose parts remain to tell their story till this day. However, they are proof enough that they were there; they are granting peace till this day. Located on the northern side of the lake, there a temple with a golden roof it is the temple of sacred tooth which is most important Buddhist relic, the tooth part of Buddha, there is a museum upwards with a luxurious array of gifts to the temple.

Sri Lanka is a great place in itself, those who want to travel alone or as a couple or as a group would enjoy. We make full time arrangement for you to be at the place and enjoy the way you want to. You can inform us just when do you want to book your seats and we would make provisions for you. We are going to make things so easy for you. You are not to bother about anything, don’t go worrisome about the trip, meals and other services, we would be there to cater to you even at the Plains that you are going to visit. You might carry your memoirs there, record via technical gadgets and upload the pictures or video on social media. Just imagine how many people might get linked to you this way online.

There is much fun once you visit Horton Plains and great times follow as the best comes forth.

We take you on tour to Horton Plains which are prominent in Sri Lanka as it the coolest as well as windiest location in the entire country of Sri Lanka. There are several biological habitats, ecosystems like evergreen forests of Montane, there are grasslands, landscapes with marshy layers, as well as aquatic ecosystem. Located at an altitude of 2,100 m, the plains are spread over 3,169 hectares, Horton plains is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as on 30th July 2010.

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