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As Musafir Go India, we are service providers of premium quality to one and all those to come to us for travel across the Indian subcontinent and abroad. There are domestic packages in our line up like: Manali tour package, Shimla tour package, Kerala tour package, Jim Corbett tour package, Rajasthan tour package and Agra tour package. The beauty of India comes afore us while traveling across various parts of the country. Whereas Shimla is a snowy chilled place to travel to, Jim Corbett tour would be completely different as a national park which is also the oldest one established. Rajasthan is well known for its palaces and forts Hawa Mahal is very famous and is the exclusivity of its capital. Kerala backwaters are going to be a wonderful trip, new and fascinating in itself. Domestic tours are not only showing the lively face of India altogether but also depicting the fact that it is worth travelling in different parts of the country, PAN India travelling is a great experience. This is our purpose, to make your travel a safer one and also a pleasant experience.

The crispiness of the tour remains there as foreign trips are planned. We must say that we consider ourselves four times luckier to host these trips for customers like you and you are even luckier. The prices, the routes, the services, the food and beverages served in the cuisine part, social get together, all are there for everybody to not only enjoy but also relish in their memories. Even the enchanting smell of the places makes you get into a mood that you would find difficult to get out from. There are no vacuum only fun filled moments. Places of stay for boarding are lively and multi starrer hotels and there is your own comfort zone that won’t let you miss any opportunity anytime. There are people around for your help and no one is left miserable anytime. Tours are made every off and on and changes in plan can be made by you whenever you want. We are there for you.

International tour packages include: Thailand tour package, Singapore tour package, Dubai tour package, Hong Kong tour package, Sri Lanka tour package, Switzerland tour package and Paris tour package.

Musafir Go India is organizing these tours for the passengers to enjoy and like a reverie never to be forgotten, the fun that you derive is unending the butterfly keeps on flying around the flowers making the scene even more beautiful. Travelling abroad is a traveler’s delight with us as we make touring real fun. Your visit to ornate Buddha temples in Thailand or to Singapore which is a global financial state is going to be superbly fine. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is worth viewing and luxury shopping is worth the shopping fever it gives. Switzerland’s clock tower and cathedral are wondrous places to visit and simply unforgettable places. Paris the capital of France is every starry eyed traveler’s heartiest destination. In short, the travel is well managed, and when the entire episode is planned with few friends or a group it becomes like an event in your lives.

There are Hot Deals for: Manali tour package, Shimla tour package, Kerala tour package, Goa tour package, Jim Corbett tour package, Rajasthan tour package, Agra tour package.